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As a think and do tank, IID-SII constantly seeks to explore new avenues of sustainable innovation. This is notably achieved by participating in collaborative projects – presented here, so stay tuned for future developments.

SCIRT stands for System Circularity & Innovative Recycling of Textiles. Coordinated by VITO, an independent Flemish research organisation in the cleantech and sustainable development sector, SCIRT is a three-year EU-funded project that brings together 18 partners from five different European countries.

The SCIRT project aims to demonstrate a complete textile-to-textile recycling system for discarded clothing—or post-consumer textiles—involving stakeholders throughout the value chain and focusing on the recycling of natural fibres, synthetic fibres and fibre blendsWith the support of technical partners and research institutes, clothing brands Decathlon, Petit Bateau, Bel & Bo, HNST and Xandres, will develop, prototype and produce six types of apparel using recycled fibres. 

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IID-SII is currently awaiting feedback on other projects which we hope to share with you soon!